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Precaution is better
than cure

Our Security

My name is Godfrey

Ensuring the safety and security of our community is a top priority at Beit Emanuel. We maintain a vigilant approach to security with a comprehensive system in place 24/7. Our dedication to health and safety necessitates scheduling appointments in advance to enter the Shul grounds.

Our security measures include round-the-clock monitoring through camera surveillance and a 24-hour guarding service. Additionally, we have an armed tactical response team that is ready to address any potential security concerns swiftly. We are also closely linked with the Community Security Organization (CSO) as part of our commitment to a secure environment, embodying the spirit of "NEVER AGAIN."

We kindly request your cooperation in abiding by our appointment policy and supporting our seasoned and highly capable security team. Together, we can ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all who visit Beit Emanuel. Thank you for your understanding and collaboration in maintaining a secure community space.

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In response to the ongoing security concerns faced by the Jewish community, Beit Emanuel has established a security protocol to ensure the safety of our community. Please adhere to the following guidelines for the well-being of all members.

1. It is advisable to contact the Rabbi for a brief conversation. In case the Rabbi is unavailable, please leave                       message with our office at +27 (0)11 646 6170.

2. Kindly complete our VISITOR REQUEST FORM to provide us with all the necessary information.

3. Beit Emanuel and our security team receive support from the CSO (Community Service Organisation).                     Verification is required for any visitor intending to attend a service.

4. Upon reaching our main entrance, we ask that you open your vehicle window for a warm welcome and a visual             security check. We may ask you a few security questions, so please dont be offended.

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