Among the community services which Beit Emanuel offers are: 

CONVERSION: Progressive synagogues offer the opportunity for those who wish to join the family of Israel to undergo formal conversion. Conversion is a complex issue, involving serious commitments and potential candidates should seek the guidance of a Rabbi before making any decisions. MORE>>

WELFARE: The Care Committee is the pastoral arm of the community. Members visit the sick and bereaved, help the elderly with lifts to functions or medical appointments, provide advice and refer those in need to appropriate sources of financial aid. MORE >>

MARRIAGE: Beit Emanuel Progressive Synagogue will be delighted to help you with your marriage plans.We can perform both civil and Jewish religious marriages. MORE >>

BEIT DIN: A beit din is a panel of Rabbis, sometimes assisted by knowledgeable individuals nominated by the Jewish community. A Progressive beit din has authority to make binding decisions in matters pertaining to Jewish status, marriage, divorce, adoption and conversion.   MORE>>

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Become a member

Beit Emanuel welcomes applications for membership from anyone who is Jewish. Jewish’ for the purpose of membership of the synagogue means either (i) that a person was born to a Jewish mother or (ii) has converted to Judaism under the auspices of a Jewish religious authority recognized by the South African Association of Progressive Rabbis …


Get married at Beit Emanuel Weddings are amongst the most joyous celebrations in any community, and we would be delighted to help anyone, members or non-members, with their marriage plans. Those interested in marrying under the auspices of Beit Emanuel are welcome to make an appointment to meet with Rabbi SaárShaked who will guide you …

Funerals and Mourning

There is perhaps no time when the support of a rabbi and a religious community is more important in a person’s life than at a time of mourning. For this reason, the death of a loved one is an occasion when a member of the shul is available to help members at any time of …

Please Volunteer!

Volunteer Opportunities at Beit Emanuel   Beit Emanuel needs just the right combination of funding and voluntary service in order to achieve its objectives.  Opportunities to volunteer time and skills are almost endless, but we have summarised most of the opportunities in the matrix below.   The emphasis from 2012 onwards will be on working …


Ongoing Donation Opportunities   Membership dues don’t go very far when it comes to covering the running expenses of Beit Emanuel.  As a result, we are always looking for sponsors for our Friday night kiddushim, chocolates, Torah Breakfasts and other events and expenses. Your donation or sponsorship, whether large or small, full or partial, recognised …

Facilities for Hire

Beit Emanuel has an extensive campus of buildings. Some of these may be hired for meetings or for social or educational events. Janks Hall Our largest facility is the main functions hall behind the synagogue. This extensive space includes a stage and two bar/food serving areas. The main hall can seat up to 200 people …

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