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Welcome to Beit Emanuel!

Get to Know Us

Welcome to our cherished community! Here, we honor and celebrate the beautiful tapestry of diversity within our congregation—a rich mosaic of individuals united by a shared spiritual journey.

We Are

A friendly, welcoming and inclusive spiritual community, who practice progressive Judaism in the heart of Johannesburg.   We are made up of family and friends who learn, pray and socialize.  Whether religious or secular, we strive to be inclusive, to create and grow our community, showing respect for different views from our own and having compassion for those within our community as well as those outside.

We strive to be the centre for the local community and their families whether religious or secular.

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Who we are

  • are proud to be a member of Progressive Judaism

  • endeavor to focus on the entire community catering to all life-cycle events

  • are able to cater to various styles of prayer services both Ashkenazi and Sephardi

  • celebrate the Jewish festivals according to the Progressive Jewish tradition

  • are inclusive and welcome non-Jewish partners to all services and social activities and make sure that financial hardship is never a barrier to attendance

  • have the welfare of our community front and centre with a group of dedicated volunteers who assist our members, especially those who are older, on their own or unwell as well as considering others outside our community who are less fortunate than ourselves;

  • encourage and provide support to those who wish to convert to Judaism with a course of teaching and learning

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