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Calling all kids: Shabbaton Chofesh

Feel FREE to join Netzer at Beit Emanuel in the Youth Lounge for an amazing weekend. Friday, April 27 – Sunday, April 29. For further information contact Sivan on 082 855 5199

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Please diarise: Young family fun day in New Year

Beit Emanuel, Sunday afternoon 22 January 2012. Join us for an afternoon of fun and an opportunity to meet other young families from the community. Games & entertainment for the children. Exciting creative workshops for the moms. Cricket, beer & biltong for the dads (and moms if they choose). Delicious snacks for all. More info …

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Netzer Machaneh 2011 summer camp

Netzer’s annual summer camp has proved to be a phenomenal inspiration to our youth, and this year we will continue to exceed people’s expectations. Netzer’s Machaneh Zricha in 2010 was the only Zionist South African camp to grow in numbers. Machaneh Shirat Ha Yam is going to take us to even greater heights! Camp forms …

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Netzer Youth Services on Yom Kippur

Netzer will be running the following youth services during the High Holy Days in the Youth Lounge. Saturday, October 8 10 am – Yom Kippur morning service Please do join us as we enter the High Holy Days from a youth perspective.

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Aardvark Israel -Semester Plus Gap Year

Aardvark Israel’s mission is to maximize the number of young Jews coming to Israel for meaningful, life-changing experiences that strengthen their Jewish identity, deepen their commitment to Israel, and foster their personal growth. This programme is tailor-made to meet the needs of Jewish students ages 17-22. Students will be arriving in January from Panama, South …

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A Netzer sleepover thank you

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended the Netzer/TaMar Movie Night and Netzer Sleep-over! It was a great success thanks to the energy that you all brought to the evening! We are looking forward to meeting even more people at our next event.

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