Shabbat services

Friday nights

We hold Friday evening services in our main synagogue every week from 6.00pm until about 7.15pm.  The services are accompanied by a full four-part choir led by choirmaster Avi Kanar on keyboard.

Saturday mornings

Saturday morning services are more informal, and are often held out in our garden, weather permitting. These services begin at 09.30am and end at about 10.45am. Rabbi Shaked himself often accompanies the choir, sometimes on guitar, sometimes on instruments as exotic as a digiredoo. Community participation, passion and enthusiasm are encouraged.

Jtalk and Talmud

After a break for a community Kiddush, there is a presentation and discussion session led by either a community member or an outsider with specialist knowledge. This hour-long session, usually on a Jewish topic, but sometimes on an issue of general interest, is called Jtalk, and attracts people from outside the congregation. Topics have included ethical kashrut and vegetarianism; do Jews suffer more neuroses than Gentiles; Jewish folk music; Jewish architecture, Jewish activism under apartheid; the work of various prominent Israeli and Jewish authors; the role of women in Judaism, and many more.


Following JTalk each Saturday, is the Talmud study group. Unique among Progressive synagogues in South Africa, the group draws knowledgeable enthusiasts and beginners, members and outsiders.


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