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Volunteer Opportunities at Beit Emanuel


Beit Emanuel needs just the right combination of funding and voluntary service in order to achieve its objectives.  Opportunities to volunteer time and skills are almost endless, but we have summarised most of the opportunities in the matrix below.


The emphasis from 2012 onwards will be on working teams, rather than committees or sub-committees.  (There is no requirement that volunteers serve on the Management Committee (Mancom) or attend Mancom Meetings.)


Unless otherwise specified, multiple “vacancies” exist for each portfolio.


To volunteer, simply complete a “Mitzvah Card” and drop it in the donations box in the foyer, or send a brief e-mail to the office,


Portfolio Name Description
Service Support This portfolio is currently vacant
Choir Our “professional” choir, under the direction of Avi Kanar doesn’t currently have vacancies.  In 2013, however, we hope to establish a volunteer choir, consisting solely of Beit Emanuel congregants.
Ritual Team This team, currently led by Simon Hochschild, has the critical responsibility of choreographing our religious services and related activities.
Shamas The function of Shamas is ably performed by Maurice Katzeff for the Shabbat evening services.  A Shamas (or roster) is urgently needed for the Shabbat morning services.  Training will be provided in need.
Meet & Greet (Hachnasat Orchim) This fledgling team has the responsibility of welcoming both regulars and guests to our religious services, making them feel at home and ensuring they are invited to the Kiddush (brocha) afterwards.  The function is currently performed by Mancom members according to a roster.
Kiddies Corner Make sure that our Kiddies Corner is always in good hands by organising and filling a roster.
Lay Readers We are always looking to supplement the small team of members who are able to lead a prayer service.  Reasonable fluency in Hebrew is a requirement.
Financial Management Our Treasurer, Russell Hollander, currently oversees the entire portfolio.  Please speak to Russell H if you can contribute financial skills (budgeting, management accounts, etc.).
Non-Financial Management This portfolio is currently vacant
HR/People Your background and skills in the Human Resources arena will help our small support staff cope.
Security John Sherriffs is our “Lone Ranger” when it comes to security, watching our backs almost every Friday evening.  We are sorely in need of additional guys (and gals) to “push beat” during services, receive CSO training, draw up duty rosters and provide policy guidance.
Maintenance Assist Marlene Jacobson in seeing that our premises are spruced up in terms of our “Facelift 2014” vision for Beit Emanuel’s 60th anniversary Diamond Jubilee.
Grounds/Gardens Assist Marlene and gardener Edgar in ensuring that our grounds are superbly manicured.  We’d also like to start turning the campus into a “Water-Wise” paradise using indigenous plants, dovetailing with our Green Synagogue ideal.
Catering Assist Judy Hodes and her team in preparing for our marvellous kiddushim, especially the brocha following the Shabbat evening service.
Outreach and communication The portfolio is currently looked after by Hester Hollander.
Marketing/Recruitment/Retention Use your marketing skills to help us promote our services and attract and retain members.
Fundraising The need for funding is a constant in our lives.  Help us meet our targets with your fundraising activities.
Social Media Flex your online and mobile muscles with Facebook, Twitter, etc., to ensure that Beit Emanuel reaches the generations that rely on social media and networking.
Adult Education Help find interesting and challenging speakers for our weekly Torah Breakfasts and four annual lecture series.
Events Plan our annual calendar of events with all stakeholders and manage our non-religious social events.  Ensure that there are no calendar conflicts for scheduled events.
Photo-Journalist Become one of Beit Emanuel’s own “i-Reporters” or internal correspondents.  Cover all Beit Emanuel events for internal consumption and the wider Progressive and Jewish community.
Archivist/Historian/Librarian Become our archivist/historian/librarian and ensure that the Beit Emanuel story is recorded for posterity.
Networking This portfolio is currently vacant
Care Committee Assist the Rabbi, Judy Hodes and our dedicated volunteers in reaching out to the hospitalised, ill or  bereaved in our community, or those struggling with life’s other challenges.
Youth/Netzer Coordinate between Mancom and our marvellous youth group Netzer to plan activities, raise funds and involve our youth.
Young Adults/Tamar Do whatever it is that needs doing to meet the needs of our young adults, within the framework of TaMaR.
Zionism/Arzenu Help drive a Beit Emanuel chapter of Arzenu, the Zionist arm of Progressive Judaism.
Green Synagogue Partner with the JNF’s Green Shul campaign to ensure that Beit Emanuel is part of the solution, not part of the problem when it comes to the environment.




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