Judaica Library

Max Green in his library in the Slome annexe

Max Green, our redoubtable Shammas, has been quietly building up a Judaica library at Beit Emanuel over the past couple of years. We now have a library of some substance, located in the front corner of the Slome annexe. There are reference books, books on Jewish philosophy, theology and history, biographies of prominent Jews, Israeli culture and history, books for children, Jewish periodicals and much else.

Anyone can pop into the library at any time, but the ideal time to visit is on Friday, an hour before the evening service, when Max is available to help. Reference books must be read in the library, but other books may be taken out, free of charge, as long as names are registered in the loans book. Please pay a visit!

PS: Those who have Jewish books to donate to the library, are also welcome to contact Max through the Beit Emanuel office.

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