Course outline

Introduction to Judaism: Course outline


Section of Course Unit
Jewish History  
Unit 1 Beginnings: From the Creation of the World to the Exodus
Unit 2 From the time of the Judges to the Exile in Babylon
Unit 3 Restoration and Rebuilding: Second Temple Judaism
Unit 4 Conflict with Rome & the Creation of Rabbinic Judaism
Unit 5 Galut to Ghetto: the Diaspora Experience
Unit 6 Revolution & Reform: Jewish Responses to Modernity
Unit 7 The 20th Century: Catastrophe in Europe; Rebirth in Israel
Unit 8 The Jewish World Today
The Life Cycle  
Unit 1 Birth and Youth: Circumcision to Bar & Bat Mitzvah
Unit 2 Joining the Family: Conversion to Judaism
Unit 2 Adulthood: Marriage and Family
Unit 3 Death, Funeral Practices and Mourning Rituals
The Calendar  
Unit 1 Concepts of Time: Days, Weeks, Months, Seasons, Years
Unit 2 Pilgrim Festival: Harvests and History
Unit 3 Pesach: Haggadah and Seder, Freedom & History
Unit 4 Shavuot: Torah and Lifelong Learning
Unit 5 Sukkot: A Metaphor for Modern Life
Unit 6 Spiritual Highs: The High Holy Days
Unit 7 Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: Prayers & Practices
Unit 8 Warriors and Maidens: Minor Festivals and Fast Days


Section of Course Unit
Unit 1 TaNaKh: The Jewish Canon of Scripture
Unit 2 Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha and Dead Sea Scrolls
Unit 3 Mishnah Talmud and Codes
Unit 4 Midrash
Unit 5 Other Literature and Poetry
Unit 1 ‘A Temple in Time’: Shabbat
Unit 2 The Jewish Dietary Laws 1: Traditional Kashrut
Unit 3 The Jewish Dietary Laws 2: ‘Eco-Kashrut’
Unit 4 Jewish Prayer and Prayerbooks
Unit 5 The Synagogue and its Services
Unit 6 Charity, Good Deeds and Social Justice
Jewish Thought  
Unit 1 God
Unit 2 Torah
Unit 3 Israel
Unit 4 Jewish Philosophy & Mysticism
Unit 5 Jewish Identity in Modern Times: Nationalism & Zionism

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