Beit Emanuel Matters, 10 June 2023

The week that was

Last Friday evening’s Kabbalat Shabbat service was held in the Slome Auditorium, a much cosier venue than the main Shul. The feedback has been largely positive, so we’ll probably stick with Slome until the weather starts to warm up a bit. Exceptions will be made, e.g. when there’s a Barmie or Battie the following day, or some special service, such as the Youth Day service next Friday.

Looking ahead

Happening this Shabbat/weekend

Please join us in the Slome Auditorium for our Kabbalat Shabbat Service at 18h00 this Friday evening. This will be followed by a Brocha in the Gallery/Gillis Boardroom/Atrium area adjoining the Slome.

A reminder to please feed the donation box at each table, or to use the Snapscan App to help us cover the significant costs of providing an appetising Brocha each week.

BE Young and Powerful
There will be a Youth gathering in the Brasch Youth Lounge on Friday evening at 18h00. This will be in honour of the start of Youth Month. Come connect, create, and collaborate.

The Shabbat morning service will take place in the Gillis Boardroom at 09h30. The service will be followed by a potluck Brocha in the Atrium.

Religion School classes will be taking place from 09h30, while the Talmud Study Group will be meeting at 12h00 in the Gillis Boardroom.

Further ahead

Sarmies Project
A reminder that the Sarmies Project will be in operation at Temple Israel Hillbrow next week. Please bring your contributions to the Shul Foyer during the day on Wednesday, for distribution at TIH on Thursday morning.

Youth Day
Join us for Youth Shabbat on June 16th in commemoration of June the 16th, 1976 and Youth Day. The service will be led by Lael Bethlehem and the BE Youth group. The sermon will be delivered by Beth Levin. Please join us for a delicious meal after the service, and for a listening circle. This will be time for parents and adults to listen to the youth and to learn from them. Young people deserve to be treated with complete respect – come find out how we can do this – and how we can support this generation to stand in their confidence, intelligence and power.

Request from our Security Team
A request from our volunteer Security Team: When entering the gate on Friday evenings, please slow down to a crawl and wind down your driver’s window fully in order for our volunteers to see who’s in the vehicle. This will also give you the opportunity to exchange the customary Shabbat greetings with our volunteers, who are giving up their time (and potentially putting themselves at risk) to keep us safe. Thank you!

Loadshedding Appeal

Along with the rest of South Africa, we’re struggling to cope with the impact of loadshedding on our day-to-day operations, as well as on services and other congregational events. To help mitigate the impact, we’d like to invest more in the following areas:

  • Additional emergency lighting in our main venues, quoted at +/- R19,000
  • Solar-powered lighting at strategic points, for security purposes, quoted at +/- R16,250
  • Surge protection at our main electrical distribution boards (DBs) to mitigate the ongoing damage to our electrical appliances and other devices from the side-effects of loadshedding, quoted at +/- R22,500
  • Surge arrestor plugs and adapters for electrical appliances and electronic/computer equipment, +/- R5,000
  • Replacement of inverter batteries, +/- R16,000

Please consider contributing something, however small or large the amount, to this appeal, which is critical for us to be able to maintain our service levels to our congregants. It sounds like a lot of money (it is!), but once again, the principle of “A bisl un a bisl, vert a fule shisl – a little and a little, becomes a full bowl” can make the difference. Please use the Beneficiary Reference “Your Surname Loadshedding”.

Shabbat Shalom!

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