Beit Emanuel Matters, 25 March 2023

The week that was

Our Human Rights Shabbat service took place last Friday evening. The service was led in part by Mickie Jacobs, while the highlight was the Drash delivered by Professor David Bilchitz.

David was also the special guest speaker at the 28th Annual General Meeting (AGM) OF Temple Emanuel/Beit Emanuel Progressive Synagogue, which took place last night. I’ve uploaded and shared the Chairperson’s Address, the Rabbi’s Address and the text of both of David’s talks. You can find all this material here:

We anticipated a stormy AGM, as these assemblies sometimes are. In the event, though, the meeting ran relatively smoothly, even with a very full agenda. Thanks to all those who attended, especially in person, but also on Zoom. Thanks also to those who put their names forward to serve on our Management Committee (Mancom) and Board of Guardians (BOG). The following are now members of the Mancom. Office Bearers will be elected and portfolios assigned at the first Mancom Meeting, scheduled for next Thursday evening.

Tessa Abramovitz
Ori Ben-Zeev
David Bilchitz
Ruth Challens
Virgil Challens
Paul Davis
Merle Favis
Diane Fine
Graeme Hochschild
Simonne Horwitz
Lesley Hudson
Peter Joseph (for co-option)
Carolyn Massey
Johan Mostert
Ian West

Professor Merle Williams was elected to the Board of Guardians, which now consists of:

Andrew Jacobs
Irwin Manoim (Chair)
Kathryn Peck
Merle Williams

The bad news came in the form of the presentation and approval of the audited financial statements for 2022 and budget for 2023, during which the outgoing Treasurer described the Shul as being “technically insolvent”. We’ll talk more about what that means and what we can do about it in the weeks ahead.

Looking ahead

Happening this Shabbat/weekend

With the AGM done and dusted, it’s routine this Shabbat. You know the drill. Kabbalat Shabbat in the Shul at 18h00, followed by a Brocha in the Janks Hall. Please feed the boxes or do your Snapscan payment. Seriously, folks, unless all those who attend the Brocha start contributing weekly, this much-loved tradition is going to vanish into history. R20-30 a head is all we ask for a tasty 3-course meal. That won’t even get you a Latte at Tashas.

There will be a Jkids Club activity in the Atrium (following candle-lighting) this week.

The Shabbat morning service will take place on the Veranda (weather and inclination permitting) or in the Gillis Boardroom. The service will be followed by a potluck Brocha in the Atrium.

Religion School classes will be held this Saturday morning.

The Talmud Study Group will meet in the Boardroom at 12h00.

Further ahead

Beyond the Boundaries (BtB)

Please see the flyer below for details of the Beyond the Boundaries (BtB) session taking place next Saturday morning. It promises to be interesting.

What Ingredients for Rabbi(t) Stew?

Communal Pesach Seder

Our communal Pesach Seder takes place on the evening of Wednesday, 5 April. We’ve managed to keep the pricing at the same level as in 2022, i.e. Adults: R350, Children 7-13: R225 and Children under 7: R125. This weekend will be the last opportunity to book your tickets for the Seder, as orders need to be placed during the course of the day on Sunday. Please use the Quicket booking links below:

Shabbat Shalom!


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