Beit Emanuel Matters, 1/2 April 2022

Happening this Shabbat

Please join us in the Shul (or on Zoom) on Friday evening at 18h00 for our Kabbalat Shabbat hybrid service. This will be followed by a Brocha in the Janks Hall.

Our Shabbat Morning Service will be in the Veranda/Garden area at 09h30 on Saturday morning, and will be followed by a Brocha in the Courtyard. (Although the format of the service does allow for some Zoom participation, the service is best experienced in person.)

Our Talmud Study Group meets in the Gillis Boardroom at 12h00, while the Scrabble Club (an external activity) will be in the Atrium (Courtyard) from 13h30.

Pesach Communal Seder

As mentioned in last week’s Bulletin, Erev Pesach fall on Friday, 15 April this year. We have a window of just one week to accept bookings to ensure that our orders can be placed timeously, so here are the Ts & Cs:

  • Please place your bookings by close of business next Wednesday (6 Apr)
  • Bookings will be treated as confirmed only on receipt of payment
  • No late bookings can be accepted, due to the tight deadline for placing external orders
  • Likewise, we will not be able to accommodate walk-ins on the night
  • Details of the menu will be made available closer to the time, but rest assured that a full Seder meal will be offered
  • A Vegan option will be provided at the same cost

We have managed to keep the pricing the same as that for 2019 (our last in-person Seder prior to lockdown). The pricing is as follows:

  • Adults: R350
  • Children 7-13: R225
  • Children below 7: R120

Please book by calling or emailing Morgana at the Shul Office, or by printing, completing and scanning the form at the link below:

Housekeeping issues

We are very proud of the manner in which housekeeping, maintenance and repairs to the Campus are attended to, on an extremely tight budget. If you do come across any issues of that nature while you’re on Campus, please report them to Morgana (contact details in the footer) and they will be attended to.

Staying in touch

We know that, when you’re moving house, letting the Shul know about your change of address may not be top of mind. Once you’ve settled in, though, please just drop us a note so that we can stay in touch with you. These are the contact detail changes we’d really like to know about. Please let Morgana know about these and she’ll inform the rest of us.

  • Mobile (cellphone) number
  • Email address
  • Home street address
  • Home landline number (or cancellation thereof)

Tableware and table linen

Now that we’re starting to do in-person stuff again, a recent inventory of our tableware and table linen revealed that breakages and wear-and-tear have severely depleted our table settings. If you happen to have any plain white tableware (plates, bowls, mugs, etc), plain cutlery or table linen (mainly large white tablecloths) that you’d like to find a good home for, please get in touch with Morgana to discuss the details.

Shabbat Shalom!

Russell Cohen (Executive Director)


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