Beit Emanuel Matters, 17/18 December 2021

Schedule for the Summer Break

In case you missed the updates in last week’s Bulletin, here’s quick wrap-up of Beit Emanuel’s schedule over this (unfortunately) not-so-Festive Season:

  • Shabbat evening and morning services. We have reverted to online-only Shabbat evening and morning services from 10/11 Dec 21 through 7/8 Jan 22. Hybrid services in/broadcast from the Shul will resume on 14/15 Jan 22.
  • Shul’s administrative offices. The Shul Offices will effectively be closed from Thu, 16 Dec 21 through Sun, 2 Jan 22, although there will be a skeleton staff on duty at our Campus. Telephone calls and email messages will be redirected and dealt with.
  • Weekly Bulletin. Our final full weekly Bulletin for the year will be published on Wed, 15 Dec (the 16th being a public holiday). An abbreviated Bulletin (Birthdays and Yahrzeits) will be circulated for the weeks ending 24/25 Dec, 31 Dec/1 Jan and 7/8 Jan. Normal Bulletin publication will resume on 14/15 Jan.
  • Donations. Donations received from 16 Dec 21 through 13 Jan 22 will be acknowledged in the Bulletin for 14/15 Jan 22.
  • Zoom Links. Links to our virtual services will be posted on our Whatsapp Channel as usual.
  • Yahrzeit Notices. Yahrzeit Notices will be sent out every Wednesday for Yahrzeits observed the following week.
  • Religion School and ITJ Programme. Our Religion School (Cheder) and ITJ Programme (Conversion Course) are set to resume in the week of 9-15 Jan 22. Exact dates will be confirmed in due course.
  • Sarmies Project. Collection and distribution of sarmies and fruit will resume in the second week of Jan 22, i.e. Wed, 12 Jan/Thu, 13 Jan.

Enjoy the “Chagim”, and we wish all our members, friends and supporters everything of the best for the secular New Year.

Shabbat Shalom!


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