Beit Emanuel Matters, 13 November 2021

Happening this Shabbat

Our Shabbat evening and morning services this weekend will be hybrid, i.e. some of us will be in Shul, where you’re welcome to join us, or you can participate on Zoom (at the links above).

We’ve started serving a light Brocha after both services, and you’re welcome to join us for that as well. In the Janks Hall on Friday evenings and the Courtyard on Saturday mornings. We might take a break over the festive season, but otherwise (barring another round of lockdowns for a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections), this will be our new normal. The donation boxes will also reappear after their long hiatus, and a contribution of R20-30 per head would be appreciated.

As mentioned in last week’s Bulletin, Pamela Mukasa and Michelle Rayson were welcomed as new Jews by Choice at the end of October. This Shabbat we’ll be formally welcoming them as members of the congregation.


The Jewish liturgical calendar for 2021 has pretty much wrapped up, apart from Chanukah, which we’ll be commemorating on Friday, 3 December. You’ll need 6 candles (plus the Shamash, for a total of 7). We’ll also welcome in the month of Tevet (Rosh Chodesh Tevet).


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