A new togetherness while apart

Dear Beit Emanuelnik,

COVID-19 is a Groot Klap! As we emerge from this crisis it seems to me that we should not even try to recreate what we thought we were. Honesty and reality are the new watchwords of the way forward.

The spiritual side of Beit Emanuel is emerging stronger. A dedicated sense of community and devotion rooted in our Jewishness is growing without the need for the buildings or the accoutrements of our Jewish practice. We are getting to know and appreciate each other at a different and more satisfying level. Our care programs have expanded and intensified to those most vulnerable. Most of our educational and study groups continue with a new vigour. The important life cycle events are acknowledged and marked in new and exciting ways.

A strong solidarity and mutual understanding is emerging with our sister congregations. South African Progressive Judaism is strengthening, gaining confidence, and drawing the attention of the wider Jewish and other communities. All these are positive and optimistic portents that can enrich our lives.

But COVID-19 also forces us to deal with our community’s survival. Lockdown has reduced or removed essential revenue that has kept us afloat over the years. More than R75 000 per month of income from renting out premises for church services, a school and the billboards, has been lost. Up to the end of May we will have lost R150 000.This unrecoverable amount will increase to R450 000 by the end of September. We can just manage to meet our obligations until the end of June, but after that it is very unlikely without your help.

What will make a huge difference, would be the rapid collection of outstanding subscription amounts that are not covered by debit orders. This figure currently stands at R435 000. If that amount can be garnered, it would greatly assist in seeing us through to Rosh Hashanah.

We are very aware that hard times are upon us all. But I entreat all those who are able, to make every effort to settle as much of your subscriptions as soon as possible.

To those who can, may I also ask if you can consider an additional donation in support of our congregation?

In the meanwhile, we can assure you that your management committee are making every effort to seek other financial lifelines. COVID-19 has in a sense undressed us, forced us to look at ourselves with x-ray eyes. Our hope is that this is our opportunity to rebuild ourselves, focusing on what has been revealed to be relevant and meaningful and worth continuing. A plague has given us the opportunity to clear the decks.

Thank you,

Dr Paul Davis
Chairman, Beit Emanuel Management Committee

Link to our Donations Page: https://beiteman.link/donate


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