Beit Emanuel under lockdown

The schedule below lists our online services and other activities/events for the duration of the Lockdown in South Africa.

All services and other events have been set up as recurring meetings, so links to Zoom meetings will not change from week to week. (The recurring meetings have been scheduled up to 2 May 2020. Let’s hope this will suffice!) All Zoom meetings are now password-protected to counter the “Zoom bombing” phenomenon. The password will remain the same across all Zoom meetings for the remaining duration of the Lockdown, unless it becomes compromised in some way.

Various other security measures have been applied to our Zoom meetings, depending on the nature of the event. We have tried to find a balance between making our online services and other events accessible and ensuring that they are not disrupted by bad actors. In the interest of conserving Internet bandwidth, video will be turned off by default for all meetings but can be turned on once you’ve joined the meeting.

The links to some of our classes and study sessions have been provided for the sake of completeness, but we suggest that you liaise with the organiser beforehand, rather than simply “arriving” at the session. The affected sessions are the Beginner’s Hebrew Class, the Introduction to Judaism (ITJ) Class and the Talmud Study Group.

Links to Weekday and Shabbat services

Rabbi Saar’s morning davening
Monday through Thursday mornings at 07h00

Temple Israel Hillbrow evening (Ma’ariv) service led by Lael Bethlehem
Saturday through Thursday evenings at 17h45

Shabbat Evening Service
Fridays at 18h00
Meeting ID: 887 443 725

Shabbat Morning Service
Saturdays at 09h30
Meeting ID: 382 538 745

Links to Classes, Lessons and Shiurim

Talmud Study Group
Sundays at 15h00
Meeting ID: 809 634 868

Beginners’ Hebrew Class
Mondays at 10h00
Meeting ID: 945 601 176

BE Zoom Club (#BEZoomClub)
Wednesdays at 15h00
Meeting ID: 939 000 571

Introduction to Judaism (ITJ) Class
Wednesdays at 18h30
Meeting ID: 904 837 018

Links to online Texts

Masorti-Conservative prayer book, “Va’ani Tefilati” (“And so I Pray”)

Mishkan T’Filah

Sefaria: A Living Library of Jewish Texts Online


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