Beit Emanuel Matters 18/19 January 2019

Russell Cohen (Executive Director)

Memorial service for the late Ronnie Lubner

Before anything else, just a quick reminder that the open memorial service for the late Ronnie Lubner will be held this evening (Thursday, 17 January) at 18h00 at the Houghton Golf Club. Rabbi Greg Alexander from Temple Israel CT will be leading the service, along with Ronnie’s son Gary Lubner. Ronnie and Rhona Lubner were major funders of Temple Emanuel and the Progressive Movement in general in the late 20th Century.

Venues and Activities

This Friday we’re back in the Shul (along with the much-loved Beit Emanuel Choir) for our Shabbat evening services, and the Janks Hall for the Friday evening Brocha. It made a nice change to be in the far more intimate environment of the Slome Auditorium and Courtyard/Slome Foyer over the summer holiday, but it will also be nice to get back to our magnificent Shul building, and to have the Choir leading the worship again.

All our usual activities will resume this week, apart from the ITJ Programme (Conversion Class) which will probably start next Wednesday evening. (The opening was delayed due to the need to interview candidates for the next “intake” on the programme.) The resumption of Religion School classes and JKids Club activities will be covered elsewhere in this Bulletin, as well as our Tu B’Shvat event.

Beit Emanuel AGM

A rolling reminder that the Beit Emanuel Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for the evening of Thursday, 21 February 2019. The formal notice of the meeting will be sent out 2-3 weeks ahead of time.

Receptionist/Admin Assistant

We are pleased to advise that Morgana Segel has been appointed as our new Receptionist/Admin Assistant. Morgana will take up her duties next Monday, the 21st. I have no doubt that everyone in the congregation will join us in giving her a warm Beit Emanuel welcome.
Morgana’s family are long-standing members of the congregation. Her sister Jody is part of our Religion School team, and runs our JKids Club activities with Kathryn Henning on Friday evenings.

Telkom Landlines

Our Telkom services have yet to be restored. Incoming calls to our landline number 011 646 6170 will be routed through to a mobile phone in the Reception Office (currently Christine’s mobile phone), but we will be unable to transfer calls. If you want to speak to someone specific (the Rabbi, Christine or me), then please use the mobile numbers listed in the sidebar of Page 3 of the Bulletin. We anticipate that the issue might only be resolved when our dedicated Bitco Business Fibre has been provisioned. A challenge to Telkom to prove us wrong…

New Tenants

We are pleased to advise that Domestic Bliss is in the process of relocating to the “Basement” on our Campus. The move has been disrupted due to our contractors being unable to complete the refurbishment work on time, and for this we apologise to Judy Hodes and Domestic Bliss.

We will shortly begin refurbishing the vacant Rabbi’s Apartment for the new tenants, volunteers with the Marist Brothers organisation.

Shabbat Shalom, see you in Shul!


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