Beit Emanuel Matters: 19/20 October 2018

(Russell Cohen, COO)

If you attended the service in the Janks Hall last Friday, please complete the VERY brief online survey linked to elsewhere in the Bulletin. ONLY if you were here last Friday though. We couldn’t help noticing that many of our regulars didn’t attend, and we’re hoping it was due to the inclement weather. If it wasn’t, we’re counting on you to set us straight.

You’ve seen the revised date for the Auerbach Lecture, right? It’s now Tuesday, 30 October instead of 23 October.

We’re still looking for more recruits for our Volunteer Security Team, which is somewhat under-strength at the moment. If you’re the outdoor type, and you’re looking for a way to put something back into the community, the Security Team is for you! Remember that the more active members there are, the less shifts each member will need to stand. Please contact Graeme Hochschild or Virgil Challens to find out more. Details in the sidebar of the Bulletin.

A serious request to please keep your speed down to 20 km/h or less when on the Campus, especially when attending services and other events. We have many blind spots, and speeding vehicles are not good for the elderly, the infirm, distracted children and cats. Lots of cats.

On the subject of security, please wind down your driver’s side window when approaching the gate, especially if your vehicle’s windows are heavily tinted (which most are these days). This will help to speed up the process at the gate. If you’re a member, you’re welcome to collect a vehicle security sticker at the Shul Office, which will also speed things up (just not above 20 km/h!).

Gauteng in 2018 is quite a dangerous place, and we need to find a balance between being a warm and welcoming community and having some idea of who’s coming through our gates. We encourage members to invite guests who are curious about Progressive Judaism to attend our services and other events. If you’re not accompanying them, however, please notify the Shul Office that you’ve extended the invitation by completing the form on the Contact Us/Forms page of our website, or by using this link: This is particularly important if you’re inviting guests who may be unknown to our security staff and volunteers. If you prefer a “belt and braces” approach (and to avoid any embarrassment), please let me know at email address and I’ll ensure that they’re on the Guest List.

Especially for our older members, we really need some method of electronic communication with you. If we have an email address and/or a mobile (Cellular) number for you (preferably both), we have all we need to stay in touch. (If not, then at least a fax number we can send your Yahrzeit notices to.) The details don’t necessarily have to be your own, provided that the person (e.g. your daughter, son, or even your bookkeeper) is willing to pass on the messages to you.

Shabbat Shalom!


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