Beit Emanuel Matters 21/22 September 2018

While the High Holy Day “season” is far from over, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are now behind us. Attendance was strong at all our services, and feedback regarding the new Machzor (Mishkan HaNefesh), the allocation of honours and the increased participation of lay readers in services has generally been positive.

A second presentation of our Vision for Sustainability was held Motzei Shabbat on Saturday, 15 September (Shabbat Shuvah). We plan to hold further presentations, perhaps during one of our Friday evening Oneg Shabbat meals? Your feedback in this regard would be appreciated.

We expect that many of our regulars will be “Shul-ed out” by Friday evening, so we’re not expecting a big turnout for our Shabbat services this weekend. We will still be open for (spiritual) business as usual, of course, and we do hope to see you all on Sunday evening at 18h00 for Sukkot.

“Crowdfunding” the Shul

You all know what’s coming next. DON’T skip ahead, unless you have no interest in the future of Beit Emanuel.

It should be no surprise that shuls in general are to a large extent “crowdfunded” by means of membership fees and donations from congregants. Beit Emanuel is no exception to this, although we have managed to build up other sources of income over the years. In a sense, though, Beit Emanuel is more dependent than most on those fees and donations, because we have very few “Machers” or mega-donors to give us that boost. It should also be no surprise that many shuls rely on their High Holy Days fund-raising appeals to build reserves or close the gap between quality income and expenses. Once again, Beit Emanuel is no exception to this. We are therefore very concerned that donations in general (and over the HHDs in particular) have dropped off over the past few years.

We therefore appeal to all our members (and friends who aren’t members) to revive the tradition of HHDs’ giving (whether it’s R180 or R180,000) to help bolster this essential component of the Shul’s revenue streams.

Our members and friends tend to be quite effusive in telling us how much they love Beit Emanuel. We need you to show us the love in a concrete way, by contributing financially (over and above membership fees), to whatever extent you can afford. We’re attaching a copy of our High Holy Days appeal form, which may help you in deciding how much to contribute, and by what means.

Help us to make crowdfunding a part of the ethos at Beit Emanuel again!


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