New play area for the kids with jungle gym and trampoline

A new playground for our youngest children is being set up in the garden alongside the main entrance to the Shul. It will provide a safe and convenient place for children to play during services, much closer to the main sanctuary than the garden off the Courtyard. It will be available to the kids before the High Holy Days.

Facilities inside the garden include a trampoline, jungle-gym and see-saw. A fence with a gate will be erected around the area to ensure safety.

The initiative to create the garden came from the Alexander family, who generously made the donation that set the project in motion. The Van der Walt family donated the jungle-gym and see-saw, while Lee Greenblatt donated a trampoline. Bianca Shakinovsky provided transport, labour (to supplement that of Edgar Banda, our gardener), lawn and compost. Kathryn Peck laid out the area to ensure the most space with the least impact on the surrounding memorial garden, while Rabbi Sa’ar Shaked chivvied the process along in “mother-hen” fashion. All in all, a marvellous community effort!

Things being what they are, we will have to post an indemnity regarding the use of the playground, and also ask that moms and dads take turns at keeping an eye on things while their kids are enjoying the playground.


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