Report back on the succesful Netzer Shabbat Sleepover

On Friday, 22 July 2016, Netzer hosted a sleepover and pizza night at the Youth Lounge@Beit Emanuel Progressive Synagogue. It was a great success.   We started off the night with some games and a pizza dinner sponsored by the Shul. We joined the brocha and then returned to the Youth Lounge for a peulah on the pillars of Netzer (see   The night was brought to an end with a few games and those who were unfortunately not able to sleepover started making their way home. The kids were asleep by 22:30pm and awoke at 08:00 the next morning. We then had a Coco Pops shabbat breakfast (a proud Netzer tradition), had some craft sessions and a spirited Ma’amad, run by Damian, Thabo and Tori. After all the fun, we ended at around 13:00 on Saturday, 23 July. We thank all those who supported us and the Shul for its generosity. We are glad to have some new enthusiastic Netzerniks!  Netzer is back in swing and we are excited to return to Beit Emanuel soon!


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