The community gets together after a bicycle is stolen

We tend to be somewhat dubious about the impact that social media has on “real life”, but here’s a story that might change your mind.  Graeme Hochschild of our Security Team posted on Facebook that one of our guards Joseph Dlamini had  his bicycle and mobile phone stolen in a robbery.  This created enormous hardship for Joseph, who rides to work a second shift in Alberton when his shift at Beit Emanuel ends.  The story was picked up by Russell Cohen, who re-posted on Beit Emanuel’s Facebook Group and Page.  Shortly thereafter, Rachel Balsham, one of our Friday evening regulars, selflessly offered to donate her mountain bike, helmet and lock to the guard.  At the same time, on the other side of the Atlantic, Graeme’s friend Larry Davidow saw the appeal on his Facebook feed and generously offered a donation equivalent to R3,000 to replace the stolen bicycle.   After carefully considering the options, Graeme decided to use Larry’s donation to purchase a new mountain bike and accessories for Joseph.  The bike and accessories donated by Rachel will be used by our grounds staff members and the other gate guards.   Kol ha’kavod to Graeme for taking ownership of this unfortunate event, and to Larry and Rachel for their spontaneous and generous donations.


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