We need “A Few Good Men” (or Women) for our security team

Our Security Team is desperately seeking additional volunteers to beef up their numbers. We currently only have 8 members on the team, and as we require 2 members for each shift, members are required to be on duty at least once a month (excluding additional non-Shabbat events). Having just an additional 8 volunteers on the team will make a world of difference, allowing members to be on duty only every 2nd month, and making it easier to provide security for other services and events.

Members of the Security Team are properly equipped and trained (both in-house and via the CSO). If you have what it takes (and all that it takes is a desire to put something back by serving the community in this way), then give Mark Seberini (084 567 0913) or Graeme Hochschild (083 457 0913) a call, or leave your details with the Shul Office on 011 646 6170 or office@beitemanuel.co.za. (Only those 18 years and over.)

Your Shul Needs You!!!


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