What the forthcoming Youth Zone aims to do

What the Youth zone is about

First of all, where is it? In the Netzer ‘Bayit’ at the top of the stairs leading to the Choir Loft. (The stairs are off the foyer next to the Brides Room, which is now the Kiddies Corner.)

When will it operate? It will initially operate only during the Friday evening (Kabbalat Shabbat) service. This could be expanded over time, depending on demand.

Who is it aimed at? Those from the ages of 12 through 15/16.

Will it be supervised? Yes. Kathryn Henning (immediate past Rosh of Netzer Gauteng) and Damian Kovacs Segel (a candidate Netzer Madrich or ‘Maddie’) will be there to facilitate. They will report to Jody Segel, our Youth Worker.

What will be happening there? This will be divided into 3 phases, or tracks. We’ve just started with Track 1: Track 1 – Safe Space. Just be there and hang out, chill; Track 2 – Activities. Our facilitators have lots of great ideas, but we’d like to hear from our ‘target market’ first; Track 3 – Content. Using the very successful JTalk model, we plan to start hosting half-hour talks. This will mostly be Jewish content, but also talks from adults who have done cool or interesting stuff talking about their experiences or journeys. (It’s quite likely that all 3 tracks will continue to run side by side.)   Is this being taken seriously? Mancom and our Rabbi have committed to delivering age-appropriate activities and content to this age group. This is just the start of our delivery on this commitment.


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