SAUPJ calls for contributions to Festival of Progressive Judaism

The SAUPJ will host a Festival of Progressive Judaism in Cape Town in July, coinciding with the movement’s biennial conference, which will be attended by guests from abroad.

The SAUPJ have asked each congregation to provide descriptions of innovative programmes or events that make that community unique and exciting: “We mean any innovative governance practices that ensure the effective running and functioning of your community, or anything from monthly musical services to a bnei mitzvah mentorship programme to having multiple rabbis on a service rotation. These best practices will be shared with other festival-goers as a means of inspiring and strengthening Progressive communities across the country.”

They are also asking for video clips in which members “share with us the story of your #Proudly Progressive Jewish Journey. How did you come to find Progressive Judaism? How has Progressive Judaism changed your life? Why is Progressive Judaism important to you? Please record a short clip of yourself sharing your story, and please try to make sure that the sound quality is as best as can be.”

If you have any suggestions about which Beit Emanuel practices you find attractive, or if you can help with producing and sharing videos, we would be most grateful. Please talk to one of our management committee members.


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