Beit Emanuel ‘Mitzvah card’ now on the website

The work of our sub-committees and other volunteer teams is a mainstay of what we do at Beit Emanuel. In order to give members a glimpse into what each of these teams is responsible for, as well as making it simpler to volunteer to take part, our blue ‘Mitzvah Card’ has been ported across to the website. To fill in a Mitzvah Card, select Contact Us from the menus above, then Forms. The Mitzvah Card is the last item on the list.

The form will open in a new Browser Tab or Window, and you can then check which team you’d like to become a part of, provide your contact details and submit. That’s it! A representative of the relevant team will contact you. (You’re welcome to participate in more than one committee or team, but please don’t burn yourself out!)

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