Union of Jewish Women sewing school moves to Beit Emanuel

A sewing project run by the Union of Jewish Women, which teaches clothes-making skills to disadvantaged women, has been given work space at Beit Emanuel as part of our Tikkun Olam outreach programme. We were approached last month by Diane Levine, Chair of the Union of Jewish Women in Johannesburg, to see whether we could accommodate their

Self-Empowerment Sewing School. The Sewing School had been given very short notice to vacate the premises they were occupying.

The matter was referred to Beit Emanuel’s Executive Committee (Exco), who readily agreed to find a place for the ladies, their sewing machines and supplies. Within days, the Sewing School had relocated ‘lock, stock and barrel’ to Beit Emanuel, where they now occupy one of the first floor offices in the Stalson Building.

Last week Diane Levine addressed the first Management Committee meeting of 2016 to express her appreciation for the gesture, which has given the project a further lease of life. Ways to broaden and deepen that relationship will be explored, with this aspect being handled by Sharon Shaked and Bruny Simpson.


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