JTalk. This week: Why we do stupid things

Following the service on Shabbat mornings, Beit Emanuel hosts an interesting and informed speaker on a thought-provoking topic. Sessions run for approx. an hour starting at approx. 11.15 am.


23 January

Cognitive Biases: A part of yourself you don’t know about

English visitor Michael Nulty, who calls himself a “mendicant philosopher” (that would be a philosopher without a job), will talk about Cognitive Biases, which are rules of behaviour that evolved in human minds to allow us to prosper and survive … but can also result in us misreading situations and doing the stupid things we tend to do.


30 January

Ishvara Dhyan – Yiddish ” Mama Loshen ” the language of the Heart .

He will discuss the origins and the demise of Yiddish as a language and as a culture. How the language influenced American Culture. Who still speaks it. Yiddish Theatre. Yiddish Humour . Yiddish Politics. Yiddish revival and why we cannot abandon our Mama Loshen.


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