Photographs from the Selichot service at Beit Emanuel on 10 September

Beit Emanuel participated this week in Blessings Around The World, an international Selichot service in which blessings were exchanged with other Progressive congregations around the world.  Here are some photographs from the service held in the Slome Auditorium on Thursday evening, 10th September 2015:



Russel Cohen manned the equipment, and Helena Luz behind him posted pictures to Facebook as events occurred.


Rabbi Sa’ar Shaked devised and led the service







Management chair Professor Merle Williams tells an international audience about Beit Emanuel’s activities


A highlight was the singing and guitar-playing by Jessica Sherman. Notice the slide behind her about the social problems we must face up to in Africa.



Rapt attention from the audience: Vernon and Ruth Challens, and next to them Max Green



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