JTalk this week: A personal family account of Spain’s ‘secret Jews’

JTalk is a popular weekly discussion forum on Saturday mornings, held in the Gillis Boardroom behind the Slome auditorium following the service. Members of our congregation, as well as outside experts, present on a range of topics, usually with a Jewish theme, followed by discussion. The talks start at around 11.15am, and generally last an hour. There is no fee and outsiders are welcome.

Saturday, 5 September

Anusim: family secrets from the Inquisition

Ishvara Dyan is a Sephardi Jew whose ancestors fled the Inquisition 500 years ago. He will tell the story, both a personal and a general one, of the Anusim: Spanish Jews who practiced their religion in secret for hundreds of years, despite vicious persecution which continued for centuries. The talk promises to be an eye-opener for us Ashkenazi Jews.


Saturday, 12 September

Jewish activism around the world

Jessica Sherman, long-standing member of our choir and our management, and a life-long campaigner for social justice causes, will talk about the growing number of Jewish activist groups around the world, what motivates them and how they differ. This will include video clips of some of these organisations in action.

Saturday, 19 September

Current trends in the Middle East

Paula Slier, award-winning broadcast journalist who has covered the Middle East for many years – often at personal risk – will continue her series of popular talks on Middle East topics. Her last talk, to a packed room, was about the rise of ISIS.

NB: Date to be confirmed, subject to Paula’s schedule.


Saturday, 24 September

What is a Progressive Shabbat?

Prof. David Bilchitz will provide another of his well-researched and thought-provoking discussions on religion, this time to provide the intellectual background to Progressive Jewry’s Shabbat Experience later this year. (More details of the Shabbat Experience to follow.)


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