The fundraising spin-a-thon: report back

Fundraising Spin-a-Thon

Luz Helena Beltran Gomez Hanauer (Organiser)

Dear team,

Many thanks for joining us on Sunday 16 August – to the Spin-a-Thon, for supporting this project, and for being part of our team. I believe the day was a success, we filled all the available bikes, gave our pound of flesh and pint of blood (all in the form of sweat) and raised a bit of money that will go towards our overall goal.

It was a pity that half our team could not do the class as Kfir and Nimrod were not allowed in the spinning bikes, Sharon had the flu and Thando was engaged in forced labour. Yikes. I should have foreseen the gym’s policy regarding minors and done something about it, but I will keep it in mind for next time. Apologies to our young team 🙁 I hope you four are still keen to train with us in the open and to do the big race.

Our attendance was composed as follows: 1 Instructor, 8 Beit Emanuel members, 2 Other progressive shul members, 3 Orthodox, 10 Non Jewish guests. Please see below the list of participants, where they came from and how much we raised:

Owen – Instructor Spin-a-thon; Sa’ar, James, Steve, Luz Helena – Team BE Race; Germaine, Itsik, Bronwyn, Jeff – Guests B.E. R500; Anthony – Guest Bet David R100; Francis – Guest Temple David – R100; Brandon, Steve U, Jonathan – Guest Orthodox R300; Seb, Ameet, Anama, Richard, Terrence, Paula, Vincent, Liliana, Fabian, Devina – External Guests R1,000: Total R1,900.

I have in cash R1500 (R400 still pending payment). In addition, one member of our shul and an external guest have collectively pledged to donate R150, this pledge is still pending.

I will keep all the funds raised towards the overall goal. People are effectively gifting us money to keep our synagogue running with its wonderful activities and engaging the mind body and soul of our community and the community that surrounds us because they think we can have a good impact and make a difference, and I think so too.

I believe in the potential of B.E.’s community of faith and its friends to keep up the good and hard work.

You can check pics and a summary of the day on

Many thanks,

Luz Helena


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