Mancom Talk: Please volunteer for the Care Committee

By Jeff Davis and Max Green

The main function of the Care Committee is to support those members (young or old) who are in need of extra care and attention.

We are here to help you with lifts to and from shul if you are unable to drive yourself; to lend a hand and to visit you if you are in hospital, incapacitated or ill at home; to assist you with doing shopping if you are unable to; to assist families with newborn children; we are here to visit the bereaved.

Please let us know if you or other members require our assistance. You may phone Ilana at the office who will pass the message on to the Care Committee, or you may contact Jeff Davis directly at: 082 726 3563, or Max Green at 084 364 3237. We rely on you to inform us.

An adjunct to the service we are offering is of course our plea to the community to assist the Care Committee carry out its function.

At the moment the Care Committee has six volunteers but we require more. Please speak to Jeff or Max if you are able to assist us in any small way.

Warm regards,

The Care Committee



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