JTalk, June 13th: Pearl Siegel on Maslow modernised with Tikkun Olam

Following the service on Shabbat mornings, Beit Emanuel hosts an interesting and informed speaker on a thought-provoking topic. Sessions run for approx. an hour starting at approx. 11.15 am.

13 June – Pearl Siegel will discuss her book 7 Tried & Tested Triangles – Chapter 1 – Maslow the Father of Triangles & Chapter 7 – Maslow modernised with Tikkun Olam. These are both very relevant in respect of Judaism and even more so in South Africa where the unemployment rate is so high. Maslow’s theory of motivation and his hierarchy of needs. Self-Transcendence; Social Sustainability; Social Entrepreneurship – I spoke at the World Forum for Social Enterprise, hosted by UJ, in 2011, my topic was brand positioning and business models for social enterprises; Tikkun Olam.

20th June – Robyn Sassen, former arts editor of the Jewish Report.

“Lulu: A Tale of False Beginnings and Dancing Policemen”

In June William Kentridge debuts a new opera, Lulu by Alban Berg (first performed in the 1930s), which examines the situation of fin de siècle women in Paris. It’s based on a play by Wedekind and brings together all the social commentary, art and sense of catastrophe that makes for splinteringly good opera. Playing excerpts from the work, Johannesburg-based art critic Robyn Sassen will examine its importance to the genre.

27th June – Chris Dykes provided shelving to the Diepsloot community. The bookshelves were made to fit the number of books our community had collected over several months. Is this a business venture, social entrepreneurship or Tikkun Olam? Chris will talk about how he sees the work he is doing.

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