Mancom Talk: Bianca Shakinovsky, Marketing

Bianca Shakinovsky – Marketing

The world has become faster/smaller. The way we run our lives has changed due to technology.

We no longer comply to the traditional manner of doing things, it’s all smart phones, tablets and laptops.

The old way of bringing people to religion is no longer effective.

There is a saying “teenagers think they know everything”, well they do……they have GOOGLE at their fingertips!

Social media is a huge platform that can be utilized to get the youth interested even though in a research below it is ranked last I do still feel that this is a great way to spark enthusiasm amongst our younger generation.

A congregation is built from our youth and as such, we need to make coming to Shul appealing to them through using this type of technology.

It is important to build and retain a congregation. This can only be achieved by letting people know what is happening at our Shul.

So that brings me to my portfolio “marketing the Shul” .

I’m hoping to introduce a feature in the bulletin each week featuring upcoming events and news of our past events so that congregants that weren’t there can see how they missed out and feel the importance of attending the next function. And through word of mouth which is by far the biggest platform can start spreading the word about how great our Shul and community is.

It is important to tell people about the progressive and innovative way our Rabbi does things, and the many aspects that our synagogue has to offer.

I’ll be looking at new ideas and ways to improve our reach to fellow Jews to entice them to come and see for themselves.

So watch this space …..


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