Xenophobia: Please help refugees with e-Pap donations

Our Vice-Chair, Russell Cohen has requested that this very important notice from Dr. Basil Kransdorff of e-Pap be sent out.

e’Pap is a pre-cooked food (powder) which is mixed up with clean drinking water to make an instant meal.  A daily meal portion is 50 grams (4 table spoons) which is made up with 150ml of clean water to make a 200 gram meal portion. This meal portion will deliver many of the important nutrients found in a healthy well balanced diet. www.epap.xo.za

We have been approached by a number of faith based organizations and NGO’s including our Shul working in communities in Johannesburg to help refugees. Many of the refugees are being supported in shelters where the NGO’s are requesting the public to organize non-perishable food to be delivered to distribution points in Johannesburg and Durban to support those affected by the outrageous xenophobic outbreaks. We have already received funds from individuals in Australia, local and Europe to deliver e’Pap to distribution points. As we speak, we are about to deliver 36,000 e’Pap meal portions.

The e’Pap program has an enormous network both Internationally and locally which we are mobilizing to help get support to those affected by the xenophobic attacks here in South Africa. We are requesting NGO’s, corporations and individuals to purchase e’Pap for these displaced families.  We will consolidate these purchases and organize deliveries to organizations working with the refugees where it is most needed. These community based organizations working on the ground will ensure it gets to these families.

Costing We have a special outreach pricing structure for e’Pap – a 20kg Bale which is 400 meal portions. R450 will purchase a 20kg Bale. A 20kg bale will deliver 400 e’Pap meal portions. 

I am requesting Logistic companies to consider an emergency program to deliver the e’Pap purchased specifically for this emergency  to deliver “free of charge” to distribution points on the ground.

PROCESS The way the present system will work. A person/organization wanting to purchase and donate e’Pap  can contact either Oma or Rose on 0117265634 or send an email to orders@epap.co.za requesting to purchase e’Pap in units of R450.00 per Bale (400 meal portions).

The email should include the persons/organizations full details so that we can send an invoice for the amount requested. An invoice will then be sent to the person or organization which will include banking details for them to make payment. As soon as payment is made we will include the amount of e’Pap purchased into the program. Please put on your email or payment the invoice number and the words XENO so we can ensure it gets assigned to this project. It is important to give us your details so that a POD (Proof of delivery) will be sent to the person purchasing as soon as it is delivered. Alternative process. What would really help is if people in you network make payments directly to you so that you can consolidate the amount and we can then invoice you for the quantity collected. Should you want to allocate the e’Pap to a particular project then please specify on the order to us. We would prefer an order first or better a consolidated order from the Shul rather than deposits straight to our bank account.  This will ensure these payments are assigned immediately to a Xeno project. Our Bank Account details

Econocom Foods CC CK 2001/071600/23 VAT 4050201484 29 8th Avenue Melville 2092 Bank details: Standard Bank Melville Branch 006105 Account Number 002877678

For payments from Overseas please quote Banking SWIFT code SBZAZAJJ If you have any questions – please revert,

Kind Regards, Dr Basil Kransdorff D.Sc. CEO Ashoka Fellow ”


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