Mancom Talks: Max Green on Social Action

Max Green – Social Action

Little did I know about a year ago that I would be on the Mancom committee with the portfolio of Tikkun Olam or Social Action.

It all started with what to do for Mandela Day and after discussing it, we decided to get a group together and do a reading to school children . The chosen school was The Holy Family School across the road from Beit Emanuel.

The group, headed by Rabbi Shaked and willing readers, read South African stories, one by Nelson Mandela and others mainly by South African authors, to a class of very enthusiastic children. The thanks and the song that they sang at the end, made this a day to remember.

This led to a regular Tuesday midday visit to the school by a group, usually 4 or 5 of us, to read to either Grade R or Grade 1 children. Not an easy task trying to keep them interested but always great fun.

Having seen how much the children enjoyed listening to stories and having just read Aaron Lansky’s book “Outwitting History” in which he tells of how he saved over a million books in Yiddish, I thought that it would be a great idea to collect books for a school.

From a slow start and many appeals books have started to roll in and there are now over 500 which will go to a school in Diepsloot. By a stroke of good fortune, I received an e mail, from a BEE organization that installs library shelves for schools who requested them. They will be collecting Beit Emanuel’s books this month.

This is an ongoing project, so please ask friends and family for any books in good condition and suitable for learners from Grade R to Grade 12.

During the same period, together with Temple Israel and Bet David, 70 children from an orphanage in Hillbrow, were entertained at Temple Israel. A jumping castle, a game of soccer, face painting and lunch provided a wonderful day for the kids and all the helpers who were in attendance.

Now that the children have been attended to, it is the turn of our adult members.

Visits to our senior members who are either at home or in retirement homes are always looked forward to.

Members who have had a bereavement or are ill, either at home or in a hospital are also on the visiting list.

We are always looking for members who would like to help .

And don’t forget our Tuesday morning get together, dates and time are always announced in the B E Bulletin.

Looking forward to another busy and rewarding year as a member of the committee.


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