Management committee has been streamlined into ten positions

The management committee has transformed somewhat over the past few years. We realise that most people cannot afford to spend hours and hours sitting in meetings, so we have tried to streamline the functions of the committee. There are 10 positions on the committee and various subcommittees which are accountable to the committee or directly to the office staff. There are a number of volunteers who give generously of their time as consultants and advisors.

If anyone is interested in standing for a specific portfolio or wishes to get involved in a specific subcommittee please speak to me, Diane Fine.

The Beit Emanuel Management Committee consists of 10 members.



1. Chairman

2. Secretary/ Vice chairman

3. Jewish Identity Committee (including Adult Education)

4. Treasurer


5. Introduction to Judaism liaison

6. Next Generation

7. Marketing and Media

8. Kehillah (including care committee and social action)

9. Fundraising (Foundations)

10. IT


* ****



Property Development





Jewish identity committee

Care committee

Fundraising committee

Catering committee

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