Bethlehem: Award winning Israeli thriller is next JTalk film

An acclaimed Israeli thriller which took all six major awards at the Israeli equivalent of the Oscars – and also won at the Venice and Taipei Film Festivals – will be our second JFilm.

Bethlehem was directed by rookie director Yuval Adler and deals with the relationship between a Shin Bet intelligence officer and his teenage Palestinian informer, a story of divided loyalties, betrayals and impossible choices. It was based on actual events, which Adler and his Palestinian co-writer Ali Waked researched over a three year period. The three lead actors, who had never appeared in a film before, have been highly praised and have won best actor awards.

The US movie industry newspaper Variety describes the film as: “This tightly wound clock-ticking thriller examines the Arab-Israeli conflict to impressive effect. The film comprises an impressive directorial debut for Adler who demonstrates a confident grasp of pace, place and thespian handling.”

And the New York Times says: “The murky world of terrorism and counter-terrorism, and the vicious circle of suspicion and betrayal in which all the players are locked, are well drawn in this gritty, suspenseful drama as the action moves toward its inevitably violent denouement.”

When: Sunday, December 7th.

6.00pm in The Slome Auditorium.

R40, including teas and snacks.

All welcome.

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