Ten years of the Chavurah: Special Service this Friday Night, 31 October

Every month for the past ten years Beit Emanuel has had a different type of service taking place on its premises. Held, at times, in the Courtyard, the Garden and then one of the classrooms, the service is an intimate, participative, egalitarian prayer experience which involves singing, meditation, instruments and even a little dancing! The sermon too is conducted in a participative manner.

The Chavurah was established in October 2004 by David Bilchitz and Adina Roth. It is an important milestone that the Chavurah has reached ten years and participants will celebrate together with the entire community of Beit Emanuel on 31 October 2014.

The main service will thus be a chavurah-style service and will take place in the hall behind the main shul. There will be no choir that night and the committed sounds of congregants voices will create the spirited atmosphere of the prayer.

David Bilchitz and Adina Roth will lead the services together with Jessica Sherman on guitar (and anyone else who wishes to contribute instrumentally). A special kiddush afterwards will be held afterwards to celebrate this event.

We look forward to welcoming the community to this special service and experiencing – in the true spirit of Progressive Judaism – a different mode of praying and being.

The final Chavura for 2014 is 28 November.


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