JFIlm launches with the documentary Feiga’s Choice

LeeAnn Dance and Cliff Hackel, the  Washington based filmmakers of Feiga’s  Choice who present the making of their documentary to Beit Emanuel.


Feiga’s Choice traces the tragic, multi-generational impact of anti-Jewish pogroms, particularly the Russian Civil War pogroms of 1917-1920, upon one family.

Our window into this humanitarian tragedy is a rare account written by a Jewish mother of 12, Feiga Shamis,  who having survived the pogroms,  sent two of her children – Rose and Mannie – to an orphanage in South Africa.

  • What drove Feiga to make this decision?
  • And why would the two children – Rose and Mannie (Ochberg orphans) – never talk about their past, even with their families?

In July 2013, Dance, Hackel, and their film crew followed  Mannie’s daughter, Judy Favish and her daughter to Poland and Ukraine.  Using her grandmother’s memoir, Favish and her daughter traced the family’s journey during a seven-year struggle to escape the Great War, the Russian Revolution, and then the horrifically violent pogroms.

This decision contributed to a  number of Feiga’s descendants becoming civil and human rights activists in South Africa and beyond.


Sunday 2nd November

Slome auditorium

6 pm

Tea will be provided.


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