JTalk programme – introducing JForum, an arena for debate

Following the service on Shabbat mornings, Beit Emanuel hosts an interesting and informed speaker on a thought-provoking topic. Sessions run for approx. an hour starting at 11.15 am.

26 July – Rina King

who has just returned from Israel will share her reflections on the current situation in Israel.

2nd August: Rabbi Sa’ar Shaked

speaking on the life and teachings of Rabbi Zalman Shechter, the founder of the Jewish Renewal movement.

9th August

: Rosa Manoim on her work with refugees in Israel

16th August:

The Jew-Dis of Judaism: Treachery, Bullying and Hypocrisy’ – In a stimulating lecture, Stephen Marcus Finn will discuss two of his novels and relate them in a provocative way to bullying in general and hypocrisy in Judaism in particular. Your attitude to and understanding of Judaism might never be the same again. Stephen Marcus Finn is Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Pretoria. More importantly, he is an animal rights activist as well as a novelist, playwright and poet.


We have identified a need to hold a discussion group to work through and refine our ideas about progressive Judaism. There are many documents which have been produced both locally and abroad which can enhance our understanding of developments within progressive Judaism. We began with the CCAR platforms and will introduce other topics such as Kashrut, music, attitudes to ritual, attitudes to Israel, Tikkun Olam, charity etc…. Many of these issues are dealt with in these platforms but require other inputs and discussion. The format is different to JTALK in that it is a participative session, chevurah style, in which everyone is encouraged, but not forced, to voice their opinions.


– It will be on the last Saturday of the month.

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