Shabbat programme for weekend 18th-19th April


FRIDAY 18 April – Kabbalat Shabbat

6.00 pm – Synagogue followed by blessings on the Wine & Matzah in the foyer – no Kiddush.

SATURDAY 19 April – Shabbat Morning Service

9.30 am – Synagogue – followed by a light Kiddush

JTALK – 11.15 am This week Dr. Irwin Manoim talks about how a small group of journalists and activists (almost all of them Jewish) founded a newspaper during apartheid’s darkest period. It survived harassment, financial crises and bannings and is today known as the Mail & Guardian.

Talmud Study – 12.45 pm-2.00 pm Talmud Study, tractate Berachot, using the new Koren Hebrew/English edition of the Talmud.
SUNDAY 20 April – 6.00 pm –

7th day of Pesach Evening Service

in the Slome followed by a light supper and study with Rabbi in the Courtyard.
MONDAY 21 April – 09.30 am

Seventh Day Pesach Morning Service

– Yizkor – Courtyard/Slome followed by a light kiddush

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