Jtalk programme for the next fortnight: Haggadah insights and birth of Zionism

Following the service on most Shabbat mornings, Beit Emanuel hosts an interesting and informed speaker on a thought-provoking topic, usually – but not always – related to Jews or Judaism. Sessions run for approx. an hour.

5 April – ‘Insights into the Haggadah’ Prof. David Bilchitz

(This session will start at 11.45 rather than 11.15 to accomodate a barmitzvah)
The Haggadah is a remarkable text around which generations of Jews sit around, discuss and engage with the big questions of freedom and injustice. The seder is not meant to be simply a forum for reading through the Haggadah – it is a symposium in which we subject its texts to detailed engagement and conversation. This participative session will bring ancient and modern commentaries to discuss one or two important texts in the Haggadah. Come and explore the Haggadah before Pesach so that you have new insights to share with your family and friends at the seder!
12 April – Colin Purkey – Origins of Zionism

Colin Purkey is an executive member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JFJFP) in London with a special interest in the human rights of the Negev Bedouin. He will be discussing the relationship between Judaism and Zionism, showing how the ideology of Zionism emerged from an industrializing Europe.

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