Taste of Limmud on Monday 31st

Monday 31 March

The annual Taste of Limmud will take place on Monday 31 March 2014 at 7.00 p.m. at the Greenside Mina Lopato Complex, 7A Chester Road, Greenside East. Several of the speakers and organisers are members of our shul.

 R100 for adults, R50 for Pensioners/Students

To book please email limmudsa@gmail.com

The full list of speakers and their sessions:


Cherie Koller-Fox-The radical nature of the Aleinu prayer
The Aleinu prayer was originally said only on Rosh Hashannah. It was considered so meaningful by the rabbis that we now say it multiple times a day. Why? What was the important message our ancestors wanted us to know?


Paul Berkowitz & Wayne Sussman-General Elections or General Chaos: SA Elections 2014

Join Wayne Sussman and Paul Berkowitz as they analyse  the upcoming 2014 national/provincial elections. Paul takes a high-level look at the numbers and the trends in voting patterns while Wayne shares his personal knowledge of (almost) every municipality, dorpie and shady politician in South Africa. If you like lists, maps, data, gossip, and campaigns then this session is for you.


Clive Evian Sanctity, Soul and Wilderness: A Photographic and Epidemiological Journey

Clive Evian has been seriously interested in photography for more than 40 years. His work in the HIV/Aids field took him to many amazing countries in Africa, which gave him the opportunity to capture moments of soul, sanctity and wilderness. In this presentation he will talk a little about his experience of working as an HIV epidemiologist and will take his audience on a photographic journey, sharing his images of this

special continent.


Carmen Emmanuel-The Heroic Role of Women in the Holocaust: Life Lessons for Today

This presentation provides testimonies from Holocaust survivors, some of which have only recently been uncovered, on the unique way in which women overcame the tremendous, terrifying hurdles, some of which had never before been faced by woman, and the lessons we can apply to our lives today.


Everett Fox-Bible and Haggadah: Two Takes on the Passover Story

Focusing on what the Rabbis chose to include in the telling of the Passover story and what they left out, we will look at the early biography of Moses, Joshua’s final speech to the Israelites, and the traditions of our people in Deuteronomy 26.


Cherie Koller-Fox-How Judaism became a religious rather than a national identity: The story of Napoleon and the Emancipation and how it affects our lives as Jews today.
The Diaspora redefined what it meant to be a Jew. All that changed when the Jews made a deal with Napoleon. Learn more about one of the most fascinating stories of Jewish history.


Rodney Katzew-“Burning Violins”: Depictions of the Holocaust in Contemporary Music

Popular music is not a conventional medium for depicting the Holocaust. Join Rodney Katzew in unravelling the exceptions. From folk music to rock music, country and western, explore the unique images these songs create. Hear what inspired the songwriters. Discover how a famous singer collaborated with his Jewish mother-in-law, how a love song was inspired by the Holocaust, what a Texas Jewish cowboy says, and why The Blues rhymes with The Jews.


Diane Fine- Enlivening the Ancestors: My Personal Journey through Jewish Genealogy

After my mother passed away I took on the task of sorting through her nearly 65 photograph albums and a shoebox of photos, and so began a journey. Trying to identify names became a two-year quest to get to know and understand what drove my ancestors to leave Latvia and come to this land of opportunities. I began to understand what their experiences must have been as migrants to Kimberley and the Free State Republic and during the Boer War and the start of a new century in South Africa.


Brief biographies of the presenters


Paul Berkowitz

An economist by profession, Paul dabbles in writing and data analysis and is a regular writer for the Business Day and the Daily Maverick. He has an interest in voting patterns and trends and dreams of turning this hobby into a career.

Carmen Emmanuel

Carmen Emanuel is the past chairperson of the Early Childhood Development Principals’ Association and is currently a teacher trainer and board member of BAOBAB, training previously disadvantaged preschool educators. Carmen also runs parental educational information groups and teacher training programmes, in addition to being the South African representative to Yad Vashem Jerusalem for Jewish educators. She sits on the board of the DL Link cancer support group and is a motivational speaker.

Clive Evian

Clive Evian is a community health physician, an HIV/Aids epidemiologist, husband, father, saba, gardener, chef, biologist and author. However, those are his external ‘labels’. His real passion is for travel, wilderness, solitude and discovery and his camera always accompanies him like a loyal and trusted friend.

Diane Fine

Diane Fine is a psychiatric social worker with a particular interest in family relationships. She has worked in the fields of HIV and mental health as a facilitator, and as a therapist in the area of family relationships. She is a serious amateur chronicler of family history, both the personal journeys of the Jews coming from Latvia and Lithuania and the common themes of migration experienced by so many refugees in Africa.

Everett Fox

Everett Fox is the Allen M. Glick Professor of Judaic and Biblical Studies at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is the translator and commentator of The Five Books of Moses, published in 1995 by Schocken Books, as well as the forthcoming The Early Prophets. Beyond the university, Professor  Fox is active in adult Jewish education. He also served as a  religious consultant for the animated film, The Prince of Egypt.

Rodney Katzew

Rodney is an anaesthetist with a passion for music. He has a particular interest in the singer-songwriter tradition, a genre created by less mainstream musicians whose self-penned songs are angled towards topical issues, underpinned by social awareness, political protest and intimate personal experience. He also delves into home studio recording, through which he explores his own musical ideas.

Cherie Koller-Fox

Cherie is the President and founder of NewCAJE–an organization which advocates for Jewish education. Its conference brings educators to learn new skills, spread innovations and build networks. Her expertise is in experiential education, family education and the teaching of Biblical texts to children and adults. She is currently writing a book about finding meaning in the texts of traditional prayers.

Wayne Sussman

Wayne is the National Co-Chair of Limmud SA. He is also a political animal who spends the early hours of the morning analysing by-elections, elections and political developments.





























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