JTalk this week: US Professor Everett Fox on Leviticus and identity

The JTALK for this Saturday 15 March 2014 has changed and will not be Irwin Manoim as previously advertised.  The new date of Irwin’s talk will be advised.

 This week we have a guest speaker, Professor Everett Fox, who is visiting South Africa and will discuss:  “Leviticus, Order and Identity”

The book of Leviticus tells the story of sacrifice rituals which are  far  from our modern notions of spirituality.  Prof. Fox will suggest reading into Leviticus, focusing on the concept of ORDER and its relevance to exile.

Everett Fox is Professor of Judaic and Biblical Studies at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts.  He is the translator and commentator of The Five Books of Moses, published in 1995 by Schocken Books, as well as of the forthcoming (September) The Early Prophets.

Beyond the university, Prof. Fox is active in adult Jewish education.  He also served a religious consultant for the animated film,  The Prince of Egypt.


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