Purim appeal for food parcel gifts for the poor

A message from Giddy Lief, president of the Women of Progressive Judaism (WPJ)

The tradition of sending gifts consisting of at least 2

types of food (for example a piece of fruit, something

baked eg biscuits and a juice), a coin (this is symbolic of

giving money to those who are less fortunate than

ourselves) and a little message, to our friends on Purim

is called Mishloach Manot. This custom is prescribed

in Megilat Esther (9:22) where it states that after the

Jews had been saved from annihilation, “they were to

observe the day as a day of feasting and merry making,

and as an occasion for sending gifts to one another.”

It is not necessary to go to extra expense and include

expensive dishes. Rather, it is customary to

encourage joy and friendship to friends and wherever

possible to distribute these parcels to the poor and


As the president of WPJ-SA, I have chosen this as a

fundraising project. If you would like to order one at

R100 a parcel, please contact me by the 28th February 2014.


My e-mail address is: rhostan@telkomsa.net My cell phone number is: 0824430898


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