AGM report-back: 2014 management committee named

Thanks to the congregants for such a great attendance at the Beit Emanuel 20th AGM, on Tuesday, 18 February 2014.

Thank you to our Guest Speaker, Dr. Ivor Chipkin for his short, though interesting talk on “Building a Progressive Community” and to Rabbi Shaked for sharing the official Jubilee presentation. (The link to the clip is on the covering email).

Congratulations to

Simon Hochschild on his election to the Board of Guardians, replacing David Fienberg whose term has ended.

And to our 2014 Management Committee (in alphabetical order):

Prof. David Bilchitz, Ruth Challens, Russell Cohen, Merle Favis, Diane Fine, Lee Greenblatt, Judy Hodes, Liebe Kellen, Bianca Shakinovsky, Jessica Sherman and Neville Shifren. (Individual portfolios will be announced shortly)

Wishing you all a very successful year ahead!

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