Great night for all at the Bingo

The Bingo fund-raising evening on Saturday August 3rd was a great success, with a full house of guests, many of them people from outside the shul. A professional Bingo master ensured a slick and lively pace with plenty of eccentric variations.
Prizes donated by congregants ranged from electronic goods to a sofa, a double bed and a pearl necklace. There was also an auction of a luxury Indian Ocean boat cruise for two and a Persian carpet. Outgoing Executive Director Kito Holz was the first winner of the night, following up ten minutes later with a second win — a great farewell present!
Visiting American photographer Jono Davids attended the function and gave us the two photographs below. He spoke to the Adult Education Programme on Saturday morning about his trips around the world photographing Jewish communities, and will also present at Limmud this weekend.


Top phograph: Former chairmen and BE stalwarts Stan Abrahams and Simon Hochschild with a drawing of Nelson Mandela that was among the items put up for auction.

 Bottom photograph: Bingo! Kito Holz wins the game again.


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