Beit Emanuel’s Go Green recycling programme

As part of our Go Green-programme we have designed a recycling programme for the congregation to participate in.
We have received our paper bins to start recycling paper and ask the congregation to start filling the bins around the Synagogue grounds with paper.
We all use paper at our offices, schools and in our homes. Please read the recycling guidelines on the paper boxes and help Beit Emanuel safe a forest!!
‘To make this relevant, we tried to offer reasons for being environmentally friendly in terms of Jewish beliefs.
The first thing is a statement from Genesis 2.15, proclaiming God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and guard it. I interpret this passage to be a metaphor for humans and the environment- humans were placed on Earth to develop it for our purposes, but also to guard it from harm.
This implies that while humans were told to go out and “master” the world (Genesis 1.28), they have responsibilities as owners of the world to care for it as well. In this sense, caring for the environment is an important part of being Jewish.’
Chantal Phillips

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