Seeking stories from Jews by Choice

We have heard from Chava Fleming from the U.K., who is planning to publish an e-book on the stories of those who are Jews by Choice, either through a formal process of conversion or through rediscovery of their Jewish roots.
If you are a Jew by Choice, you are invited to contact Chava by email at to find out more about the project.
The purpose of collecting personal stories is to assist others in their search to find out more information about conversion to Judaism. People now look initially to the internet for help, long before any approach is made to a Rabbi or a Jewish community. This will be the first international electronic book available to all. A set of helpful questions and guidelines will be provided to anyone who thinks they may like to share their individual highs and lows, as well as practical details. The stories will be published anonymously and authors are welcome to use pseudonyms in their writings.
As well as stories from people who have converted to Judaism, there is to be a section entitled “Transitions”: stories from people who have evolved in their beliefs and practices from one movement to another, or one stage of belief or practice to another, or who have never converted but are the spouse of a Jewish person or Friend of a synagogue. All email conversations will be in strict confidence.

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