Help ensure the survival of our rich Jewish Heritage in Johannesburg

It is critical that you play your part in preserving the vast collection of South Africa’s Jewish Cultural Heritage in the form of valuable books, audio-visual material and archived documents that are part of the Johannesburg Jewish Resource Centre, not available in any other format. Every member will make a difference towards our viability. Your contribution of only R240 per annum, which is less than 50 cents per day, will enable us to exist. To survive, we need 100 donors to contribute a minimum of R1800 per annum to enable us to continue offering you our phenomenal facilities. i.e 100 X Chai – GIVE US LIFE. We have a moral obligation to help preserve Jewish / Zionist culture for future generations. As a member you benefit by: discounts on event fees; borrowing an unlimited number of books; search the internet; have access to audio-visual materials (including DVD’s of long-lost films no longer available on circuit); you will be able to access our vast collection of information for research purposes. Members on our database will receive a newsletter and advanced information of new books and DVD’s . Without your help our doors are in danger of closing so become a member today.
Please contact Marcia 087 3503702 or Norma at 011 654-2567 or

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